The Difficulties of Pro Se Litigants in Prison

Pro Se Litigants pic
Pro Se Litigants pic
Pro Se Litigants

With a special interest in civil rights and international law, Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose is a tenured law professor at Texas A&M University School of Law. Before taking on this teaching position, Mary Margaret Penrose served as a staff attorney to United States Magistrate Jane J. Boyle, where she worked with pro se litigants, many of whom were incarcerated.

A pro se litigant is someone who chooses to represent him- or herself in court without the support of a lawyer. All US citizens have this right, but after their first criminal appeal, incarcerated people no longer have a constitutional right to counsel and often lose their legal representation. While working with Judge Boyle, Penrose worked on numerous pro se cases including habeas corpus and civil rights challenges. Meg Penrose’s experience with Judge Boyle led her to commit herself to continually providing legal service to pro se individuals and the poor.


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