New York City Marathon Running Through Virtual Reality



Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose currently teaches constitutional law, including First Amendment and church-state relations, at the law school at Texas A&M University. When Mary Margaret Penrose is not teaching law she trains for marathons, and she has run both the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon.

Fitbit has joined the virtual reality (VR) bandwagon, and will take the training experience to another level with a newly-launched update of Fitbit Adventures. On September 1, the app rolled out its new features, which include interactive experiences and visuals that overlay a selected route onto the runner’s current location. Newly-available routes include the route of the New York City Marathon.

In addition to the New York City Marathon route, there are more locations in the works, such as the trails of Yosemite. Using the runner’s steps in real life to reach Daily Destinations, anyone can now participate in mini-fitness challenges, collect treasures along the way, and unlock jaw-dropping views of a variety of landmarks – at the gym or from the comforts of home.

Each program offers the option to tackle an activity in one day or divide that activity into a multi-day plan. When looking for ways to spice up fitness routines to reach goals, all the while enjoying breathtaking views, Fitbit Adventures offers some unique opportunities.


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