The Benefits of Participating in Moot Court


An accomplished legal professional with more than two decades of experience, Mary Margaret Penrose teaches a variety of courses as a professor of law at Texas A&M University School of Law. Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose accepted this role from a teaching position at the University of Oklahoma, where she spent several years as the moot court coach for OU’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA). These BLSA teams regularly qualified for, and competed in, BLSA’s national moot court competitions.

Despite being an extracurricular activity for most moot court programs, law students can benefit a great deal from the activity. Below are just some of the benefits moot court provides:

Improved training: Moot court activities provide training, experience, and feedback to participants. This helps students expand their training and gives them the opportunity to put what they learn in class into action. Further, moot court gives students the opportunity to test their approaches to legal actions before entering into practice.

More marketable: Students who participate in moot court programs can improve their research, writing, and oral communication skills. These are all extremely important for the legal field. Improving on these skills while still in school helps students increase their marketability once entering the workforce.

Promotes teamwork: Many law schools have a competitive atmosphere that may leave students ill equipped for the real world. Once students start working, there is a high possibility that they will need to work with other attorneys rather than against. Moot court prepares students for these collaborations and teaches them about the importance of working with others.


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