Reasons to Spay or Neuter Pets

League of Animal Protectors pic
League of Animal Protectors pic
League of Animal Protectors

An experienced legal professional who serves as a professor of law at Texas A&M University School of Law, Mary Margaret (Meg) Penrose is also an elected member of the American Law Institute. Aside from her professional life, Mary Margaret Penrose is a passionate advocate for animals who works closely with the League of Animal Protectors.

League of Animal Protectors, alongside many other animal charities, recommends spaying or neutering pets for the following reasons:

1. Pet Health. Spaying or neutering pets can be beneficial to their long-term health. In male animals, instances of testicular cancer are prevented, whereas females benefit from the prevention of breast cancer and infections affecting the urinary tract.

2. Fewer Stray Animals. If left to their own devices, a male and female cat can produce up to eight offspring. If allowed to go stray without spaying or neutering, these animals continue to breed and drastically increase the number of cats on the streets over a 10-year period.

3. Behavior. Male animals, in particular, can be prone to bad behavior when left unneutered. When neutered, they become less likely to wander away from home and less likely to display aggressive or dominant tendencies. Females also see improvement, as going into heat results in them urinating more often to signal their readiness to breed to other, a behavior that can be avoided through spaying.

Spaying or neutering pets is a good idea. Another good idea is to use pet rescue organizations, like the League of Animal Protectors, rather than purchasing an animal. Pet rescue organizations provide a wonderful opportunity for helping save homeless and abandoned animals. Pet rescue organizations help save the lives of animals left in shelters or found on the streets. Adopting, rather than purchasing animals, may literally save an animal’s life.


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